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Harvest Bloom Bucket

Puzzlebuds Buckets will return May 2024!
$ 125 
Around 35-50 stems with a mix of feature and accent flowers. These buckets are perfect for making your own bouquets or bud vases. We have 3 different styles to choose from. Don’t forget to add a greenery bucket for balance and fuller bouquets!

Bright and Colourful

  • Example: Sunshine yellow, oranges, vibrant reds, purple, bright pinks. Flowers could include zippy coloured zinnias and cheerful dahlias.

Soft and Tender

  • Example: Cloudy day pinks, light salmon, soft whites and lemonade yellows. Flowers could include soft cosmos, asters, and baby’s breath.

Dark and Romantic

  • Example: Rich ambers, reds, and deep purples and mahogany. Flowers could include rudbeckia, dahlias or roses.

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