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Farmhand Sweethearts

$ 570.00
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The Farmhand Sweetheart is inspired by all the farm hands that fall in love in the field. This is the perfect package for the DIY couples. We've got the essentials covered: the perfect bouquet and boutonniere to match, and enough flowers to create 10-20 bouquets for tables.

We’ll work with you to incorporate your style and color preferences, but ultimately your flowers will reflect the time, place and beauty of Naramata on the day of your wedding.

  • 1 Standard Bridal Bouquet
  • 1 Boutonniere
  • 2 Buckets of Harvest Bloom
  • 1 Bucket Greenery

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to build your bouquets. We recommend picking up your flowers the day before your event and having a couple friends available to help. Always check and make sure the flowers have plenty of water and are kept in a cool dark place.

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